Senang Hamil: One Barrier for Conception Many Couples Don't Think Of...

Thursday, January 15, 2015

One Barrier for Conception Many Couples Don't Think Of...

Sperm meets egg and baby is produced. Getting pregnant should be as easy as that. But it isn't. The average ejaculation contains 200 million sperm, but within several hours, those vast numbers have dwindled to just 1/10th of that amount. So, what reduces those numbers so drastically?

There are a lot of things within the woman's body that may be unfriendly to male sperm including cervical mucus. While cervical mucus is intended by nature to work as a guide, helping push sperm along through the vagina and into the cervix and beyond, as well as offer important nutrients to give the sperm the energy it needs for the long journey ahead, in some cases it can actually work against the sperm it is intended to help.

In some cases, a woman's cervical mucus can actually go on the attack, killing sperm before it ever has a chance to make it to the awaiting egg. This is called Cervical Hostility.

When this problem arises, a man's sperm is unable to penetrate the cervix and therefore a pregnancy becomes impossible. So, what causes the female body to become so hostile to the one thing she needs to fulfill her dream of motherhood?

Here are a few common things that may induce cervical hostility:

* An infection in the lower reproductive tract. This can cause the vaginal fluids to become tainted, killing or otherwise damaging sperm as they enter the vagina

* Too many anti-sperm antibodies in the cervical mucus. When activated, these antibodies actually work to immobilize sperm, preventing any from entering the cervix.

* A poor, acidic diet. Healthy cervical mucous is alkaline in nature. To have a more alkaline cervical mucous eat a diet high in vegetables and stay away from processed foods, soda, meat, dairy and sugar.

* Cervical mucous that is too thick or scanty. If the cervical mucous is too thick it will be hard for the sperm to travel. If the cervical mucous is scanty or not present it will also be impossible for the sperm to make its way to the egg.

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